Volunteers Needed

Chatham Court is run by volunteers from the community. The board, architectural committee, and other volunteers together ensure that our common property and legal obligations are met. In the first two months of 2016, we have welcomed two new volunteers to serve on the board that governs our community.

We are still looking for help with our community phone book for 2016. Residents must opt in to share phone numbers or other contact information with neighbors through this publication. To update this phone book, we must individually contact each of our 64 residents to see that address and name information is still correct, and to obtain explicit permission to publish contact information, or not. We need a volunteer or two help with this task. Please contact Shirley Kohl, board president, at 661-922-3581 by text or voice call, if you can help.

We want to include more residents in our architectural review process. Our architectural committee members receive copies of all applications for changes, to landscape or homes, that will be visible from the street. If a committee member has a question or notices any problem with the plan, the board can be notified. This is helpful in keeping changes in the style of the community. Our philosophy is to oversee this process properly, but without creating barriers to residents’ ability to upgrade their property. Would you like to serve on the architectural committee? No meetings are required. Contact Shirley Koh with questions or to volunteer.

Thank you to all the volunteers, past and present, who have donated their time to oversee their community!

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