Anticipating Opportunity – Welcome to 2015!

As we each welcome the new year–no doubt with great anticipation of the opportunities that will come our way–let us not forget to also welcome new Chatham Court residents. How can we know who they are? I’m glad you asked.2015 Changes

New Phone Book

Residents of Chatham Court will soon receive a new phone book that can help us connect with each other more easily. We are not a collection of strangers, here in Chatham Court. We are neighbors who, together, pay for maintenance of our common property as well as maintaining our individual homes. Together, we pay for the utilities and services necessary to keep our community usable. We also contribute to a reserve fund that covers major repairs in case of emergency. Our dues also pay for an insurance policy, required by law for common property associations to avoid liability.

Phone number and contact information in our new community phone book will be published on an opt in basis. This means that unless residents actively agree to include their phone number in the phone book, only their name and address will be published. Chatham Court will spend $1.50 to print each phone book. Please thank Robin Green and Micheal Mitsch for donating their time and skills in putting the phone book together for us.

Advertisement Submissions by Residents

Residents who wish to advertise their business in the community phone book in the future should email and leave contact information. A board member will contact you and speak with you further about your submission. This service to residents is provided free of charge. Submissions for the 2015 issue of the phone book are closed, but the current plan is to publish an updated phone book each year.

If you are a resident wishing to opt in with phone numbers, change contact information, submit advertising material, or make any other changes to our community phone book for 2016, please email You may also text or call 661-992-3581 so you can find out more about how to proceed.